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Her Story…

Layla is a beautiful 36″ steel Ketch built in 1974, that we refitted on the Mediterrean shores in the winter 2017, after she didn’t sail for about 4 years. ¬†The objective was to bring this amazing sailing vessel back to life and count her within the community sailboats that are flourishing in number around the globe.

We sailed her late season across the Atlantic ocean passing through Morocco, Canaries, Capo Verde to reach Brasil in May 2017. We sailed over 3000 Nautical Miles without an engine as it broke (again…) into stronger seas across the Gibraltar Strait.


Layla after a beautiful but intense first season still needs a lot of fixing. The crew is now scattered, taking some land time, some of us will be in Boom Festival this year to represent the project!!

Our goal is to get her in full shape and with engine to go up the Amazon river sharing with local tribes up there. Then sail her up to the Carribean next season and meet with other boats for an eventual caravan.

Circus, self-sustainability, getting in touch and helping the alternative network in the area are some of the objectives.

We are happy to bring Layla in the movement of alternative and eco-conscious ocean travelers!

Crowdfunding and Wish List

We are opening a crowdfunding campaign this summer so that people inspired  by stunning Layla can financially help us to fix her up!

This money will help us to fix and/or buy:



*Fore stay*


*Navigation device*


Create your travel reality! Ahow!

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