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The Ongoing Campaigns

We are a global, open tribe of travelers, sailors and artists. Our boats are open for people from across the world to learn sailing, do art and sail the seas. Through our art and hard labour we are able to cover our basic costs. But sustaining a sail boat is an intense task and costs a lot of money. We invite you to support us on our journey, so we can continue bringing travellers onto sail boats to make sailing available to more and more people.

Caravana BarcoIris Amazonas

We are at this exact moment building boats to reunite with Yacu-Sacha-Wayra in Leticia, border of three Amazon river countries. Help us to reach our goal and spread smiles and knowledge down the river!


Layla is a beautiful 36″ steel Ketch built in 1974, that we refitted on the Mediterrean shores in the winter 2017, after she didn’t sail for about 4 years. Help us to get her an engine and get her going!


Orfin had been left to a certain moldy decay  in a marina in panama for 6 years until we came along and gave her the love she was lacking.


Young, free and in love with the sea, we are a team on a 1982 steel boat called after the Huia bird. After sailing for three years by many places in the pacific, now the boat needs to get in shape with some love and care.

Thank you!

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