Boom 2018



Back on land, after fighting off a few three headed sea monsters, (emergency only) motor failure and a ripped main sail, here finally some reflections from this years mind-blowing Boom Festival 2018 in Portugal.

Boom Festival has ever since been an amazing platform for artist, activists and alternative communities from around the world. Being mainly sailing in the Pacific and Asia over the last two years, a few “members” of the Alternative Sailing Community were finally in Europe and made it to this years Boom.

Words can hardly describe the immensely nourishing environment and creative spaces and people that have been created and brought together by the Boom Team. We arrived at the festival with the idea of spreading our vision of sustainable travel and community life on sea, interconnecting communities around the world, recycling and performing along the way. We left the festival with an array of new contacts and inspired by alternative brother and sister projects from around the world, ready to cooperate and unite forces with likeminded projects and people.

As you can see in the pictures, the Alternative Sailing Community was represented in the NGO Dome in the Django and Tech Hub area of the festival where we had an information stand and shared the well organised space together with 15 other international projects.

Our workshop-presentation brought us a full house (or dome) where we were able to share stories and knowledge about our sailing adventures, visions and lifestyle. Visitors, friends and staff were eagerly asking and answering questions and we were able to form great connections with other organisations and future events – networking away throughout the duration of the festival. Our info stand was well visited and we were able to pay off some running costs from the webpage through donations from t-shirts and stickers.

The Drifting Circus project of the ASC didn’t come short, and Acro and Circus workshops were given in the Social Hubs of the festival grounds, leaving participants sweating just a tiny bit more due to the hot temperatures and Acro moves.

Many great musicians who have been sailing with ASC came to Boom this year and we were jamming as usual around the beach and camp and parading throughout the festival grounds, playing tunes from around the world, towards the spectacular moment of the lunar eclipse.

One of the most powerful moments was seeing our fellow sailing family again and meet newer members of our sea tribe that have been sailing on the communal boats in different places and moments around the world.
The deep connection we take from our adventures and the time on the ocean is strong, and our sailing network is ever growing and flourishing.

Innumerous “Thank You’s” to Boom and its amazing Team for creating this unique opportunity.
We hope to see you again 2020! With full sails and more magic to be spread!



Alternative Sailing Community activities at Boom Festival 2018 (22nd – 28th July)

Alternative Sailing Community

26, 27 and 28th July (9:0021:00)

Location: Django NGO & Echo Tech Hub

Make impossible possible: Collective fleet

28th July (16:00 – 17:00)

Location: Stage at Django NGO & Echo Tech Hub


Networking the Transformational Ecosystem

28th July (12:00 – 14:00) Theme: Collective Consciousness

Location: Stage at Django NGO & Echo Tech Hub

CIRCUS WORKSHOPS by “Drifting Circus from ASC”

Location: Social Hubs in Camping areas

Social Hub Orisha

26 July (19:00 – 21:00): Acro-yoga

28 July (19:00 – 21:00): Acro-balance

Social Hub Kami

23 July (9:00 – 10:30): Acro-yoga

24 July (9:00 – 10:30): Contact dance

25 July (17:00-18:30): How to build a circus act

27 July (9:00 – 10:30) :Acro-dance