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Alternative Sailing Community

We are a community of travellers sailing around the world. Using art, music, performance and recycling to sustain our voyage around the earth. Our goal is to share a vision to travel differently and live in a sustainable and creative world.

This is our website. It contains information about our vision, tells you How to get Involved, how to Contact us, shows some Videos we created along the way.

There is also a Donor Wall with the names of people that supported us financially and our old website with more detailed information. If you would like to support us you can do so here.

1. Teach Sailing to travelers

2. Connect alternative communities worldwide

3. Do circus and art

4. Recycle boats and food



  • teach sailing to as many people as possible, including backpackers, travellers, schoolchildren and locals
  • spread smiles through circus performance and music
  • share what we know about sustainable living methods
  • learn what we can about the cultures around the world, how they interact with the planet and each other
  • recycle whenever possible. Boat parts, food, clothing, and anything else we can to move away from a consumerist society
  • live as a community of travellers, a world family of sailors and sea gypsies
  • connect alternative land based communities around the world by moving goods and people from place to place
  • provide an alternative means of travel by harnessing the wind and moving away from our dependance on fossil fuels and limited resources

About the Project.

A visual impression.