About us.

We are a community of eco-conscious travellers sailing around the world. Using  art, music, performance and recycling to sustain our voyage around the earth.
Our mission along the way is to:

  • teach sailing to as many people as possible, including backpackers, travellers, schoolchildren and locals
  • spread smiles through circus performance and music
  • share what we know about sustainable living methods
  • learn what we can about the cultures around the world, how they interact with the planet and each other
  • recycle whenever possible. Boat parts, food, clothing, and anything else we can to move away from a consumerist society
  • live as a community of travellers, a world family of sailors and sea gypsies
  • connect alternative land based communities around the world by moving goods and people from place to place
  • provide an alternative means of travel by harnessing the wind and moving away from our dependance on fossil fuels and limited resources
  • tell the stories of our journey together, the cultures we encounter, and living in a traveling community on the cross-media storytelling platform voiiage.org


The Dream

To create a world wide network of sailing vessels, harnessing the wind to move goods and people around the planet. To travel in a caravan of sailing boats, combining ocean travel with communal living. Effecting positive change wherever we travel. Become a part of the shift towards a more conscious sustainable planet. We aren’t trying to fight the existing paradigm. Our revolution comes through creating a new paradigm that will render the old obsolete.