How to get involved

or how to go and live your dream.

Our community is much more than just one caravan of sailing boats. We are a vision, an idea, about how a group of conscious travellers can move about this earth differently. We want to change the world by changing the bubble that surrounds us, by living our dream.


As a community we all share one commonality, the idea of sustainable travel. Traveling, the art of experiencing other cultures and trying to understand how they perceive the world. It is this understanding that establishes a shift in our own perception of the world. This is why travellers are the magic ones! Implementing a perception drawn from an ocean of knowledge. We are communal people who travel as a family, together.

Gypsies of the sea. Our dream is of a different world and our boats are the wings to take us there.

A lot of people are messaging us and asking how do I join? This is enthralling as the message is spreading and so many inspiring people are wanting to collaborate.

We are an open worldwide community with a greater reach than just our pacific fleet.

To join us: learn to sail, start hitchhiking sailboats, gain the knowledge necessary to find and fix a boat. Begin looking for abandoned or unwanted boats or even get together with some like minded people and raise the money to buy one.

We are here to help!!!! I have been fixing and going through old boats for the better part of a decade and there are individuals in our community that have been on boats for their entire life. If you come across a vessel that you could potentially shape into a community vessel, contact us with pictures and details.

We can tell you the right questions to ask, what to look for, which repairs are possible and what goes beyond the scope of feasible. How much time is involved and what the repairs may take. Also the positives and negatives of that particular vessel, if she would make a good offshore boat and if it is worth your energy or better to keep searching.

We are a large network of full power people, located all over the world. If you find a boat and are concerned that you don’t have experience enough to repair her or captain her safely, we may be able to put you in contact with someone in your area who has the skills and a similar vision to help make the dream of that boat a reality.

Every boat in our community has, and will have, a different vision about how they want to sustain themselves and how they want to travel. Currently we have a floating circus boat, sharing magic, music, and performance; and our newest vessel LARE, is a floating tattoo shop. There have been ideas about having permaculture boats, art boats, fair trade merchants ships, school boats, and restaurant boats.

Open to suggestions, ideas, and especially dreams. As a dreamer I also believe it is very important to keep rooted in the earth. Dream big, than work hard towards it. Can we tell everyone who asks, to fly half way around the world and hop on one of our boats without ever having met in person ? Probably not.

We don’t have the space, and every boat takes a lot of work to get seaworthy. Also it goes against our vision. Most of the people in the pacific caravan hitchhikes from place to place, gaining a place on a community vessel with time, effort, and circumstance or they put together a new community boat with other like minded members.

The pacific fleet has a general course and if our paths converge than we would be delighted to meet you. I will always teach sailing to anyone who desires without asking money for myself. After any sailing course I will only ever pass the magic hat to raise money for the boats. Anyone can donate, or not, according to their own particular financial situation.

Currently we are sailing from New Zealand in May up to Fiji. Then traveling in Fiji for a few months, after which we probably head north to Vanuatu and continue to make our way into Southeast Asia by way of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

Although these plans are weather depended and subject to change. Our only definitive destination is our next one, Fiji. After arriving the pacific fleet will make the next destination decisions communally, in a circle, where everyone present has a voice. Our vision is to create a better and more sustainable earth, by making our lives more sustainable.

We travel by spreading smiles and laughter. We communicate by making art and music.

This is our dream. We welcome you to join.

Love and light


Other Projects

Meeting Point of the ASC in April 2015.

Meeting Point of the ASC in April 2015. We will fix up our two community boats in Whangarei from April on. If you want to join us, help out or just come for a Chai, drop by and send us a message!

The future Rainbow Crystal Land

The beautiful people of the Rainbow Village Fiji are building a Rainbow Crystal Land here at the moment. This will be our first stop from where we will reorganise and decide where to head to next. Check it out:

Om, one of our boats.

Om Boat, one of our boats, right now located in Chile. Check them out at


Musafir, a traditional kenian wooden boat sailing the globe. Check them out at

SV Mistress

It is obviously not the point of our project that people from all around the world to fly to New Zealand to sail with us. We would much rather love to see people in Europe, the Americas and Asia come together to create the same project there or people that are keen to dedicate their time and energy to find boats and make something happen. For this, please join the Worldwide Sailing Network on Facebook if you use this kind of social media service. Further there are many awesome projects around the world already happening that you can join and that need your help! This can hopefully give you a little overview of what’s happening. Also see this list on Facebook. If you would like to focalise or work on starting a project somewhere in the world, please get in touch with us and write your information in this list. Here you can also connect with people in the same region that you are currently in. If you are in Europe and you would like to organise or help organise a fleet, please contact Fab! 

If you would like to support us financially please do so via the Paypal button below. :) We appreciate every cent and the money will only go into fixing up new communal boats and repairing our existing ones.

Awesome projects around the world:

South America


Om Boat, Chile


S/V Silent Sun




Fair Transport, A wooden boat transporting goods from Europe to South America and back


Tres Hombres, one of the boats of Fair Transport


Sailing the Farm


Musafir, a traditional kenian wooden boat sailing the globe.


Ketch Karaka, Polynesia